At AR Legal Solutions, we want to help you run your office more efficiently and give you more time to live your life. And, we want to help you do that on a budget. Imagine never having to write or research a motion ever again.

We offer monthly packages as well as hourly billing to cater to your needs and your budget. Our rates are competitive and the quality of our services are unmatched.

We offer three monthly packages:

           Platinum Package                                                        Gold Package                                                      Silver Package

10 substantive motions / month                          6 substantive motions / month                       3 substantive motions / month

              $950 / month                                                            $700 / month                                                     $400 / month

Monthly packages require a three month commitment. A six month commitment will result in a 7% discount. A twelve month commitment will result in a 15% discount.

If none of these packages work for you, hourly rates are available depending on the type of work requested. Appellate Briefs prepared at a reasonable hourly rate.

Please contact us with specific needs or requests.